How to get my multiple Trifecta



You completed the Trifecta multiple times in this calendar year?!

Then of course your Trifecta x2 / x3 etc medal is waiting for you! 

You will receive your multiple trifecta medal at each event at the trifecta / results tent - once you completed the respective race that made you complete a multiple trifecta.

Important: We compare the entries for the X Trifecta medals here:

Here all your results should be listed - with the exception of the race(s) of the current race weekend. Therefore please make sure that all your results from the past are listed here. If a result is not listed you can request this via Athlinks.

That's how it works:

  • Log in to your Athlinks profile at 
  • Search for your name in the search box
  • Your results should be listed then. If there is a result that does not appear in the above overview ( ) - then please click on "Claim" next to the missing result.
  • This will automatically add your result - this may take some time to appear in the overview, but it's in the system then.

If you have results with 2 different names / accounts, etc., you can find these results in the same way to then merge that into one account. 

Please make sure to have all your results up to date - we can only hand out Multiple Trifecta Medals based on that information.

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