TWC Barcodes on Confirmation Email

When you sign up for the TWC 2019 in Sparta, you will receive a confirmation email where  it is mentioned to bring your bar code upon arrival to venue.

This bar code though, will not appear to the confirmation email at this point, but will be added to your profile in a later stage.

What is the full process?

Spartan headquarters will review all registrations for TWC in 2019 and confirm that all racers have completed their Trifecta, as per Spartan Policies and that you are eligible to participate.

As soon as you are confirmed and proofed by headquarters, Spartan will add you to all 3 TWC Races (Sprint, Super and Beast)
If you open them in your account, you can see the bar code in each receipt per race.
You will also have the chance to view all your bar codes, 2 weeks before the event on the official site.
More details here!

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