4) Transfer options to 2021 Races

These are the transfer options for all events of WEU* that unfortunately had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It shall give you an overview and you can find all details for each option when you follow the link given for each option.

(*= Western Europe - Andorra, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland)


If you want to opt for a voucher for a 2021 race over a free transfer in 2020, you will receive your individual unique 70% code- valid for any race in Germany or Austria in 2021 (same distance or shorter than your original ticket, and same category you were registered for in that original booking). This code is valid as long as the registration for the 2021 events are open, so it can be used until 2 days before any event in 2021. The code is bound to your name and email.

To make sure you get the lowest prices for your registration in 2021, the earliest price step will be blocked for you for a defined period of time once the registration opens. The exact timeline will be communicated to you with your 70% code email. After that period, the code will remain valid, but the current and always up to date prices will apply.

You will also get an additional 30% code for any race in WEU, redeemable for you or anyone else you want to give the code to for a race in 2021. This means that this 30% code is not bound to your name or email and is valid for the same distance or shorter and the same category or lower you were registered for in the cancelled Spartan 2020 event.

How to get the 70%/30% codes:

Please open your MaxFun profile, search for the cancelled race and chose in the right dropdown the option “Transfer”

Now you have to choose the option “Transfer your ticket to 2021” (1) You can activate this option any time you wish until the end of 2020.

In between 10 days after this step Spartan will send out the codes so you should get your codes latest 10 days after your transfer.



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